Greg shooting primer in Jim's Swiss 240Z engine bay... Ya, he really gets into his work
Sakura Garage engine bay shop - S13 #240SX #SakuraGarage
Poor little guy... Just wants to come out and play
QUIZ_ How many coats of paint and primer can you put over old bondo before you see cracks like this_
Did you see the _Datsun Racing Green_ out in the sun yet_  Super dark green in the shade (like the t
Had a nice drive up the hill with these Datsun nuts this morning.  We went to Rock Springs Cafe for
Yup, that's Barry Meguiar at the Pavilions on Saturday night.jpg  Apparently he's car crazy.jpg.jpg
Elliot did a really good job prepping the engine bay of his S13 for Greg to paint.  That's why it lo
I've been building Patrick's MegaSquirt 3 ECU and relay board
I'm starting to put Goldie's turbo engine back together.  This L28ET amazes me - stoopid clean insid
I can officially say that Goldie's L28ET is up and running again!  It's managed now by Megasquirt 3.
We stumbled across this little gem last Friday
Greg has the first coat of clear on Carl's 280Z.  I think this car will turn out pretty nicely
Not bad for a 34 year old!  My _origin unknown_ L28ET cleaned up quite nicely
Wow... It was 5 years ago that my little 260Z became _Goldie_! Time flies
Hello little sisters... Haven't seen you in a while.  Getting a makeover_  Hope you don't mind my go
Delivery truck!  I guess Lucas got a new Bride seat from our pals at Stance _ Origin!  That otta hol
This is the front valence piece on Jim's Swiss 240Z
Patrick and Doc after we set the engine and transmission in Patrick's 260Z
No, Virginia, that's not primer.  That's basecoat..
A few Z's headed back from Bagdad (Arizona) #datsun #s30 #240z #260z #280z #l28et #rb25det #l28 #tri
Had a nice Christmas 🎄 afternoon run up to Tortilla Flat with my son
Installed an AEM cold air intake and _Flyin' Miata_ downpipe on Craig's Mazdaspeed MX-5
Goldie got to go to the QuikTrip!  A little fuel for both of us.  The Megasquirt was autotuning all
That's it for the basics... It just needs a bit of testing and checking ignition options
Greg driving Goldie back to the shop after lunch today..
Anybody need a newly refurbished S30 HVAC unit_  Too bad, this one is mine
Patrick's late 260 #260z #datsun
Nick is back in town.  Been a while since he's seen his Z..
Rainy day at the shop.  Nice view of the front door though..
2012-11-17 17.16.18

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