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SKU: 510-15037


From Fujitsubo:

FUJITSUBO's unique processing technology further improves exhaust efficiency and realizes excellent response.

Commercialized in a shape that brings out the most comfortable engine characteristics from various types of collective shapes. A model that realizes a reasonable price by omitting the final polishing process while following SuperEX in terms of materials and design contents.


Product NameSuper EX BASIC VERSION
Item Number510-15037
Price¥ 107,800 (main unit price ¥ 98,000)
Authorized Number---
JAN CODE4944997515375
ApplicationGC10 Skyline 4 Door
Body Type: -GC10
Engine Type: L20
year formula: S43.9 ~ S47.9 (1968.9 ~ 1972.9 )

KGC10 Skyline 2 Door
Body Type: -KGC10
Engine Type: L20
year formula: S45.9 ~ S47.9 (1970.9 ~ 1972.9 )

S30 / HS30 Fairlady Z 2-seater
Body Type: -S30 · HS30
Engine type: L20 · L24
year formula: S44.11 ~ S50.9 (1969.11 ~ 1975.9 )

GS30 Fairlady Z 2by2
Body Type: -GS30
Engine Type: L20
year formula: S44.11 ~ S50.9 (1969.11 ~ 1975.9 )

Special Note

Safety standard compliant
L6 Big Port Stainless
Solex, for vehicles equipped with Weber cab


Combineable muffler:
・ Fairlady Z
Legalis R (750-15411 ・ 750-15414)
・ Skyline
 Legalis R (750-15011 ・ 750-15012)


Since it is an old car, some processing may occur when installing it. We will not be able to respond to any costs or complaints in that case.


Pipe diameterPipe Diameterφ45.0-φ50.8
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